Roofing Insurance Claims – Insurance Claim Information for Roofs in Colorado

Roofing Insurance Claims - Insurance Claim Information for Roofs in Colorado

Roofing Insurance Claims In Colorado Springs & El Paso County

Adverse weather conditions like hail storms can affect your property’s roofing material, whether residential or commercial. Hail damage can be widespread and direct; Hailstones above 1¾ cause significant damage. This damage can range from leaks to a need for roof replacement. After every hailstorm, it is highly recommended to inspect the roof to protect your investment. Fixins Home Services, LLC has experienced roofing inspectors and roofing repair professionals to detect and solve potential problems on your residential and commercial roofs.

No building is complete without a solid roof. Here at Fixins, we offer a wide range of the best roofing solutions for commercial & residential properties.

Our high-quality roofing systems ensure that you and your structure are protected for years.

Fixins creates value by providing exceptional service from knowledgeable roofing installers and using only high-quality materials. We have coupled with some of the leading manufacturers in the roofing industry to offer the best options for roofing systems for residential and commercial buildings.

The products we install have the best quality material and specifications, weather shingles, washers, accessories, etc. Inferior products are much cheaper than quality materials but can sometimes fail due to extreme weather conditions in the front range. Our team of experts will work harder to exceed your expectations in every way.

We provide the highest possible insurance value with top-quality craftsmanship and the best customer service!

3 Reasons Why You Need A Professional Roofer

Cost-effective: Pro roofers can get quality materials at a discounted price and have the necessary equipment. DIY requires retail prices and many expensive tools, which increases the cost before starting any work.

Better quality materials: We know where and how to buy the best roofing materials quickly and cost-effectively. We’re also aware of what materials work best for each roofing type.

We know when the roof needs to be repaired and when it doesn’t: The biggest issue in DIY is determining whether the roof needs repair. Fixins Home Services LLC recognizes gaps, saving your time and money.

6 Easy Steps to the Insurance Claims Process

First step: Contact us for a free, no-obligation commercial roof and property inspection. It is important to check the roof for damage before beginning the insurance compensation process. Any compensation (even if it is known that there is no damage) can cause a premium increase.

Second Step: If the damage is detected during our roof inspection, contact your insurer to make a claim. Schedule insurance set up a meeting.

Third Step:  Upon request, we will represent your needs and participate in the setup meeting. As a roofing specialist, we can look at your roof and highlight the potential repair needs to ensure that they meet your preferences.

Fourth Step: After approving the claim, we will review insurance coverage details with you and go over the roof repair (or replacement) work and warrants provided. Your questions are welcome.

Fifth Step: A roof replacement contract will be signed with you according to the terms of your insurance claim when you are ready to continue. The insurance company pays you directly. You will be answerable for paying for repairs and deductions. We will provide proof that your insurance company has done the repair work.

Sixth Step: Roof installation includes quality products and detailed cleaning. We will assist with selecting shingles, selecting warranties, and all other repair items that come under the service. When done, our project managers will walk you through the workplace.

Frequently Asked Questions About Roofing Insurance Claims in Colorado Springs

Question: I think my roof has deteriorated. What should I do?

Answer: Contact your insurance company and plan a complete property damage investigation. There is no cost of inspection or purchase obligation. We can work with insurance claims to ensure that you are fairly represented.

Question: How much does it cost to fix the loss?

Answer: If the damage is covered by insurance, you will not pay any of your costs other than the insurance deduction.

Question: Why should I check my roof?

Answer: Wind and hail/storm can severely damage the roof, which may not be visible. So, you have a limited time to file your insurance claim.

Question: Will my insurance premium increase if I file a claim?

Answer: Insurance companies cannot exclude a specific homeowner based on a “Gods Action” storm claim. However, your insurance company may raise prices for everyone in the area. So if you do not file a claim, the premium increase pays for improving everything other than you.

Question: How long can I file the insurance claim after a storm strikes?

Answer: This varies from insurance company to insurance company, but most insurance policies limit the time it takes to file a claim within 12 to 24 months of a storm. Contact your insurance agent to find out how long you need to make a claim.

Question: My insurance company denied my claim. Is there anything you can help you with?

Answer: You can request two different setup checks and resubmit the rejected request. To increase your chances of acceptance, ensure that your contractor is present during the audit. Experienced storm recovery contractors can often help approve a claim, even if it has been previously denied.

Question: What is hail on top of asphalt?

Answer: Hailstones on asphalt shingles appear as dark spots or injuries where herpes rash has been knocked out. In some cases, you may find holes, cracks, or missing shingles on hail-damaged roofs.

Question: Does the home builder’s warranty covers the storm damage roof repairs?

Answer: No. Hurricane damage is almost always a designated exclusion to cover the materials and construction issues of manufacturers, home builders, and contractors, not on damage from the storm or other factors beyond one’s control.

Question: My roof is leaking. What should I do?

Answer: You may be able to solve the problem by repairing or patching the roof. Or you can completely replace the roof with our help – contact us. We are a reputable roofing contractor who can help determine the best solution for your situation.

Question: How much damage does it take to replace my roof completely?

Answer: Generally, if there are 7-12 check hits per 100 sq ft on the roof, the insurance company will declare the total damage to the roof and replace the roof.

Question: Do I need to replace my roof immediately?

Answer: Since most insurance companies limit the time required to file a claim, the roof must be inspected and secured immediately before the claim’s termination deadline.

Question: Why would my insurance company pay for a roof replacement?

Answer: Insurance is purchased to protect your property from damage affecting price, functionality, and safety. If your house’s roof is damaged, the insurance company will provide compensation for the roof repair.

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