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We are a Commercial Roofing specialist helping in Colorado and neighboring States.

Welcome to Fixins Home Services LLC, a Colorado Springs roofing company. We have been building beautiful homes in Colorado for many years and are recognized as Colorado’s largest roofing company.

If your home or apartment is affected by a mild or severe storm, you can call us for a roof inspection and damage assessment. We can do any home or office roofing job and always provide the best roofing services. We have many years of experience managing owners with insurance for roof replacement. Our representatives are experts in dealing with your insurance company and insurance process. When you talk to an interstate expert, you’ll be able to quickly learn about their roof repair experience – giving you the confidence that you’ve chosen the right roofing company for your home: Housing, Repair, and Maintenance.

Commercial Roofing Services in Colorado Springs, CO

Fixins Home Services LLC is a leading company in the roofing industry in Colorado and surrounding states. We are committed to quality, our focus on customer service sets us apart from the competition. Our clients enjoy the extensive business experience that we bring to their homes. Our team has many years of working experience, providing excellent value for your roofing.

Whether you need a complete roof replacement, renovation to prevent leaks, or a repair plan to extend the life of your roof, choosing Fixins Home Services can give you peace of mind. Our long-standing customers have been satisfied.

Our range of eco-friendly solutions fits any budget, building design, or project. When you contact our team, you will be satisfied with our commitment to deliver special rates and eliminate waste during construction by completing your project.

What distinguishes Fixins Home Services from the competition is our ability to develop and support the best possible unique design with each customer’s specific needs. The result is that our project experience cannot be copied, and hence the relationship does not end from your end.

Why Choose Us   

Fixins Home Services LLC, Colorado Springs home roofing service, is a preferred roofing choice among commercial property owners in Colorado and surrounding states. Our team of professional flat and low-sloped roofing specialists provide unique quality and value to our customers. Whether you need a new or an old roof replacement, a water leak repair, or a home remodeling or consulting service, we are always ready for you!

What sets us apart from other roofing services? It’s simple; we specialize in the market and basic roofing application. 

Many roofing companies focus on; 

  • Community-based activities 
  • Do not have the skills or certification to handle business plans and 
  • They neither have security that can last up to 30 years. 

Our customers do not have to worry about unskilled workers on the roof because we never hire subcontractors. We are a family-owned and operated company based in Colorado.

We Are one of the best Commercial Roofing Company in Colorado Springs, CO, and El Paso County

We have all permits, insurance for the installation of all types of single-layer roofing systems. The manufacturers themselves support us.

We tailor these options to your company’s specific needs. When we install products, we have a final assessment that ensures the payment and guarantee of installments directly from the manufacturers.

Business projects – Commercial Roofing

There is no project that is big or small for us. We have installed roofing systems for hospitals, schools, hotels, office buildings, warehouses, restaurants, apartments, townhouse complexes, and various retail facilities across the state.

Preventive Maintenance Program for Commercial Project of any size

We can also work for maintenance programs for independently owned and professionally managed properties. Depending on your needs, we will investigate and ensure a solution to your every doubt regarding everything; from natural forces to third-party installers.

Fixins Home Service LLC’s team members are professionally trained and maintain top-notch quality for all current OSHA safety standards.

Our Commercial Roofing Services In Colorado Includes

Commercial Roof Replacement

If you own a flat roof, even if it is maintained correctly throughout life, the time will come when you feel that it should be replaced. When that time comes, we have a variety of commercial flat roof replacement options for you. 

When looking for flat roof replacement services, the two considerable factors that demand your attention are; 

(i) the experience and expertise of a commercial roofing contractor and 

(ii) the products used

Commercial Roof Repair

If you need immediate repair of a commercial roof leak during or after harsh weather, we are here for you. Many of our customers rely on our Rapid Leak Response service to minimize further damage and avoid costly water loads on buildings. Our professional staff is trained to repair all roofing systems and supply the right materials and equipment to give you the best roofing service across Colorado.

Annual Maintenance Plan

We recommend two inspections a year – one in spring and one in autumn. Roof maintenance is done by our commercial roofing specialists who can identify problems before becoming severe. Constant maintenance extends the roof’s life and is often required to maintain a warranty on the roof. Our highly trained staff have an up-to-date certification of roof repair techniques for all types of roofing systems.

Consulting Fixins Home Services

We help customers manage roofing in a most efficient way that prevents emergencies, reduces capital & operating costs, maximizes life, and saves energy. Fixins strategic approach includes regular roof inspections, roof maintenance, and commercial roofing management. We can also act as an owner representative, providing roofing design and quality assurance for third parties for new construction, repair, and replacement projects.

Damage Assessment

Our project managers provide free commercial roof inspections to assess; 

(i) Damage to commercial buildings or multi-family residential buildings (ii) Project scope, and (iii) Detailed estimates (including cost-benefit analysis)

We provide a highly detailed estimate, and our project managers will review it with you to ensure our commercial roofing project recommendations and pricing.

Recommended maintenance service plan after installation

Once a commercial property has been re-roofed, regular maintenance is required to extend the commercial roof’s life.


We provide a warranty for both manufacturers and the work performed by us. 

Low Slope / Flat Roof

We specialize in every type of commercial and low-slope (or flat) roofing materials, including home offices, home stores, apartment buildings, and churches. As we have several years of experience as a home roofing service company in Colorado, our managers can answer all your queries to guide you to choose the best products.

Roofing Specialist

We specialize in all types of roofing. A wide range of specialized and custom roofing products are available according to the type of building and equipment. We ensure to use the suitable materials to match each project’s requirements and conditions. Other than Steel, Finished, TPO, and EPDM materials are commonly used in the roofing industry. We can also install and refine aluminum concrete, synthetic tile, wood coating, slate, coated steel stone, and many more green building materials for your commercial products!

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